Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Vasanthi Hariprakash - Goooood morning Bangalore girl....!

Do you remember sometimes back the Radio City 91 FMs mornings were filled with this loud, lively and bubbly voice called Vasanthi Hariprakash who could effortlessly speak more than four languages and light up every one's morning with her lovely voice.

When I last listened to Radio City 91 FM, this voice was missing and I was wondering where did this girl disappear? You may not be aware that she is also a qualified journalist and is a sort of multi faceted personality in her own way. When I last read about her, she was going to abroad regarding presenting some paper. She had a very successful career as an RJ at RC for more than two years and was a house hold name in all Bangalore Radio listeners circle. But for some time now, there was no news of Vasanthi.

Suddenly last week I could trace her on TV! Now she is with NDTV new channel as a full time journalist from Bangalore, a profession probably she is most passionate about. Really a good move on the part of her career.

The most popular woman radio jockey of the city, Vasanthi Hariprakash, has a very eventful career from Electronics Student to Journalist to RJ to again to Journalist.
You can read more about Vasanthi at :

Hope she will be equally successful there in her new role. Good luck Vasanthi!


shalukaranth said...

I know Vasanthi from long back, both of us worked together in my previous organization. As you mentioned, she is multi talented personality. BOL to both of you.


abirami said...

I also have heard her sweet voices and have thought where is that voice now ! :) ...will keep watching NDTV to see her there ...

Rajesh said...

Vasanthi & I studied in the same school for abt 6 years. Back then too, she was a multi talented girl.. always excellent in studies, debates, music etc. I m not surprised to see her excelling as a journalist or RJ.

Dont be surprised if tomorrow you see her as a professor in some management school.

Rajesh Sharma

Anand said...

Hey, Thanks a lot for the information. For months I was wondering where she has gone. Really she used to make my day.